Why choOse us

You have a Choice! Why Choose Pinehurst Radiology?

The Top 10 Reasons to Choose Pinehurst Radiology for your Imaging and Radiology needs:

  • Quality – The Radiologists and Technologists of Pinehurst Radiology are extremely qualified to perform your imaging studies.  Our Radiologists average 13 years of medical education studying the human body in great detail.  Our Technologists have all passed state licensing and on-going certification to perform your imaging studies.  
  • Experience – The technologists of Pinehurst Radiology have a combined total experience of over 115 years!!!  This equates to more comfortable and accurate exams for our patients.
  • Convenience – Unlike other places you can go for imaging, Pinehurst Radiology is located in an easily accessible building with parking close to the door.  When you walk through our front door, you are in the right place – you won’t need to navigate a maze of hallways to find your destination.
  • Comfort – One of the biggest reasons people come back to Pinehurst Radiology year after year is our friendly staff.  From the reception desk, to the technologist, to the billing office – Pinehurst Radiology is a friendly place.
  • Availability – We have added evening hours for Screening Mammograms, to make it easier for our patients to have their Mammograms performed.  In addition, we often are able to accommodate last minute requests for appointments.
  • Technology – We have invested in state-of-the-art imaging equipment, in order to provide the highest level of care to our patients.  This includes Digital Mammography and Computed Radiography (or Digital X-ray).  All of our imaging is ‘filmless’, and is interpreted by our Radiologists using special computer workstations.
  • Service – At Pinehurst Radiology, serving our patients and the medical community is our number one priority!  We constantly strive to meet the individualized needs of each patient.
  • Involvement – Pinehurst Radiology not only provides high-quality, personalized service to our patients and medical community, our Radiologists and staff are committed to making the Sandhills region a better place through various charitable and volunteer organizations.  (To learn more about Pinehurst Radiology’s commitment to the Sandhills, view the About Us page.)
  • Detail – The Radiologists and staff of Pinehurst Radiology are committed to providing the highest quality Imaging Services through detailed monitoring of our equipment, staff and physician interpretations.
  • Private – The newly remodeled Women’s Imaging area of Pinehurst Radiology affords women a private space to have their imaging studies performed.  In addition, we have a separate waiting area for those women undergoing Breast Ultrasound or Diagnostic Mammography.
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